About us

BUSINARO srl, manufacturers of sharpening machines for HSS and friction circular saws, carbide-tipped circular saw blades (HM) and circular knives.

Founded in 1968, the company is located in an area that has always been renowned for the technical expertise of all its industrial sectors, especially the mechanical engineering and automotive sectors which have made the Emilia Romagna (Italy) region their centre of excellence and recognition.

Our added values are: strong attention to the needs of our customers, almost 50 years’ experience in the industry producing sharpening machines for saws and circular saws as well as constant machine innovation, which from simple manual and automatic machines have today developed into advanced systems equipped with the most modern numerically controlled technologies, to offer products that are increasingly up-to-date, reliable and versatile, but that are always easy for operators to use.

Today BUSINARO srl, the specialist in the manufacture of sharpening machines, is a well-established company worldwide, known for its quality, level of service and assistance, which can therefore always find the right solutions for the needs of all its customers.


Our sharpening machines, which guarantee high levels of precision and productivity, are designed to meet the needs of a variety of different customers:

  • professional sharpening centres working as contractors
  • pipe manufacturers and steel works
  • companies working in the processing of aluminium, paper, food, plastics, composite materials
  • metalworking companies

The precision of our machines guarantees sharpening of superior quality, for the best performance and for the maximum durability of your blades.