affilatrice per coltelli e controcoltelli

CK 500

Grinding machine with PLC control for circular knives and bottom knives

The CK 500 sharpener is very versatile, operation with very short setup times, for the grinding of carbon steel, stainless steel, HSS, solid carbide, knives, and bottom knives, Grinding with emulsion coolant or neat oil. The programming of the machine is extremely simple, by panel PC with touch screen display, and operator interface with guided menu, for entering the working parameters and the operation of the processing.
The CK 500 machine is able to grind batches of knives with unilateral bevel at the same diameter, bottom knives at the same thickness, knives with bilateral bevel and cutting edge centered with the knife body, even at the same diameter if necessary. The control system shows on the display the load current of the grinding wheel spindle motor, the time remaining at the end of the automatic cycle and the total time of the automatic cycle. The CK 500 machine can be equipped with the teleservice program, if required.

PLC controlled grinding machine

Cabin for full working area enclosure

Grinding with emulsion coolant or neat oil

Control board equipped with panel PC with 10” (16:9) touch screen display, and USB port for connection of mouse, keyboard, Wi-Fi adapter, flash drive

Easy adjustment for bevel angle

Quick assembly of circular knife

Joystick for manual displacement of the grinding slide, with potentiometer for speed adjustment

Ball rail guide of slides for increased accuracy and durability

Circular knife spindle with rotation speed digitally programmed and controlled

Centralized lubrication with manual pump

LED tube lamp for grinding area lighting, degree of protection IP67

Interchangeable shaft, to accommodate a suitable knife clamping system

Versatility, efficiency, and easy to operate

Low and simple maintenance

Windows® operative system, with graphic operator interface, menu guidance, machine diagnostic, historical data
Operator interface in English language

Saving of 5000 working programs, and ability to export the saved working programs in a USB device, and to import working programs from a USB device

Working cycle for the grinding of unilateral or bilateral bevel knives, and bottom knives, with programming of total stock removal, roughing and finishing in-feeds, sparking out cycle, rotation speeds of the circular knife

All machine functions (start/stop motors, knife rotation speeds, alarms, etc.) are controlled by the PLC and the panel PC with touch screen display

Automatic cycle repetition, with automatic fast engagement, circular knife/ grinding wheel, and automatic starts of all motors, for grinding batches of unilateral bevel circular knives at a same diameter, bilateral bevel knives with the cutting edge centered with the knife body and at a same diameter if necessary, bottom knives at a same thickness

Rotation speed of the circular knife digitally programmable from 5 to 40 rpm for the removal cycle, and from 3 to 55 rpm for the sparking out cycle, and digitally controlled

Digital continuous control of grinding wheel spindle motor load current, with interactive ammeter, and selection of intervention if the maximum load current threshold is reached

Programming of a new working cycle during the automatic cycle

Indication of the time remaining to the end of the automatic cycle, and the total time of the automatic cycle

Automatic shutdown of all motors on completion of automatic cycle

Coming soon

Coming soon

Maximum circular knife diameter500 mm
Bevel angleda +70° a -10°
Grinding wheel spindle slide stroke150 mm
Grinding wheels diameter150 mm
Grinding wheels bore size20 mm
Grinding wheels speed4250 rpm
Grinding wheel motor power1,5 kW
Installed power4 kVA
Weight750 kg

Various types of high pressure coolant facilities and filtering systems

Various types of mist extraction units

Automatic centralized lubrication

Machine status control lamp

Teleservice program



Affilatura di coltelli con bisello unilaterale

Grinding of knives with unilateral bevel

Affilatura di coltelli con bisello unilaterale

Grinding of knives with bilateral bevel

Affilatura di controcoltelli

Grinding of bottom knives


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