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The union of the two largest Italian manufacturers of sharpening machines for industrial blades.

Combining the all-Italian values of excellence, quality and attention to innovation: these are the objectives of the partnership between MVM, world leader in the production of sharpening and grinding machines for blades and linear bevelled knives, and BUSINARO, leader in the manufacture of HSS, friction, solid carbide and circular saw sharpening machines for circular knives.

The synergy between two of the largest manufacturers of industrial sharpening machines was created to meet the entire needs of sharpeners and companies in the food, paper, plastic, wood and metal industries in a rapidly changing socio-economic environment.

MVM Srl and BUSINARO Srl entered into a two-year partnership.

In the two-year period MVM will acquire BUSINARO’s know-how in the design, manufacture and marketing of its sharpening machines.

The conclusion of the joint venture period will see MVM acquire all the technical knowledge necessary to independently carry out the manufacture, assembly, design, production and sale of BUSINARO’s products and will include the assignment in favour of MVM of patents and utility models registered by BUSINARO.


This is an exceptional operation, usually the preserve of large multinationals only.

Today, two SMEs, totally Italian in capital and ownership, are starting a technical, production, commercial and promotional cooperation that will further strengthen their position in the market.

The combination of MVM’s specific skills in the production of sharpening and grinding machines for linear and circular beveled blades and knives mainly intended for the paper and plastics sectors with BUSINARO’s skills in the manufacture of HSS, friction, solid carbide circular saw sharpening machines generally used by tube mills, steel mills and large machine shops, and circular knife sharpening machines mainly intended for the paper and cardboard, food, rubber, and plastic sectors, will provide customers with a complete range of products to meet all requirements.

“With this partnership we expect to increase productivity and significantly increase market share,” commented Marco Fornaciari, Managing Director of MVM Srl. “As with all major business decisions, we will work closely with our dealers, customers, partners, and employees to make the acquisition process as easy as possible.”

MVM is already implementing specific structural changes and adopting the necessary integration elements.

‘We have been working on this collaboration for months,’ emphasises Luca Businaro, General Manager of BUSINARO Srl, ‘and we are delighted to see it finally come to fruition. Right from the start I strongly believed in this partnership because our companies are complementary, they are located in an area historically recognised for the technical skills of all its industrial sectors, with particular reference to the mechanical and motor sectors, which in Emilia Romagna have their best excellences and recognitions, and both operate from Italy on the world market. “

Customers will continue to receive the same high quality products and services they expect and suppliers will be guaranteed continuity of collaboration.

BUSINARO will live on, preserving its name even when it becomes part of MVM, because it would be immoral, dishonourable and inconsiderate to erase over 50 years of Italian industrial history,” Marco Fornaciari concludes.