Automatic PLC controlled chamfering machine


Automatic chamfering machine for HSS and segmental circular saw blades

The POLAR ACM 650 machine is controlled by PLC, it can also be programmed and used by a non-skilled operator, the setting of the machine is made using push-buttons on the control panel, and simple and precise mechanical adjustments, with sequential operations.
For the chamfering of teeth form AW, BW, C, of HSS and segmental circular saw blades.
Fully automatic, machining is completed in one revolution of the circular saw, with automatic disconnection at the end of the working cycle.
The working speed is extremely high, it is possible to chamfer up to 70 teeth per minute.
The mechanical dressing device guarantees the perfect grinding wheel geometry, to obtain the correct chamfering of the tooth.


Forma del dente AW
Forma del dente C
Forma del dente BW

PLC controlled machine

Chamfering of tooth form AW, BW or C, completed in a single pass

Optimum time utilization in the operating cycle: rapid movement of grinding head into position giving way to slow grinding stroke

High working speed

Free set-up of clearance angle

Mechanical dressing device for grinding wheel, with manual control

Short machine set-up times and very easy to use

Automatic shutdown on completion of operation

Very low air consumption

Low and simple maintenance

Circular saw blade diameter120 - 650 mm
Maximum tooth pitch Form AW,BW35 mm
Maximum tooth pitch Form C25 mm
Maximum saw blade thickness8 mm
Maximum grinding wheel diameter150 mm
Working speed 40 - 70 teeth/min
Grinding wheel speed3500 rpm
Air pressure6 bar
Air consumption10 litres/min
Installed power1,7 kVA
Weight267 kg

Coming soon

Coming soon

Coolant system

LED lamp for grinding area lightning, adjustable position, protection grade IP67

Forma del dente AW
Forma del dente BW
Forma del dente C


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