Affilatrice a comando numerico per l’affilatura di seghe circolari in HSS, a frizione, e metallo duro integrale


CNC grinding machine for metalcutting circular saw blades

The REKORD 500 CNC machine uses CBN or diamond grinding wheels, to guarantee outstanding quality of finish and precision with short cycle times. The grinding can be performed using emulsion or neat oil coolant. The machine can be programmed and used by a non-skilled operator, the programming is very simple and digital, with data entry according to a guided menu that is easy to learn and provides support for the operator, displayed on a large display. Tooth rake and clearance angles, are freely and individually programmable, to obtain the most suitable tooth geometry for the material to be cut. The geometry and the tooth profile are calculated and automatically programmed by CNC according to the DIN standard, but if required, it is in any case extremely simple to modify the geometry of the tooth by the operator. The high pressure coolant system guarantees perfect cooling of the grinding, and the filtering systems with automatic controls guarantee depuration and efficiency of the coolant.


Forma del dente A
Forma del dente AW
Forma del dente A
Forma del dente BW
Forma del dente C
Forma del dente VP

Cabin for full working area enclosure

Control board equipped with panel PC with 10” (16:9) touch screen display, and USB port connection of mouse and Wi-Fi adapter

Sharpening, re-toothing, and chamfering of metalcutting circular saw blades

High pressure coolant facility withfiltering system

Mist extraction unit

Electronic handwheel for manual displacement of grinding slide

High rigidity and accurate assembly of the circular saw blade with clamping flanges

Quick adjustment for chamfering

Automatic centralized lubrication with programmable electropump

LED tube lamp for working area lighting, protection grade IP67

Windows operative system, with graphic operator interface, menu guidance, machine diagnostic.
Operator interface in English language

Sharpening and making new teeth forms A, AW, B, BW, C according to DIN 1840

Tooth rake and clearance angles, freely and individually programmable

Free programming of the tooth depth ±20% of the value calculated by CNC

Chamfering of the tooth

Compensation for the grinding wheel thickness

Saving of 99 entire working cycles

Indication of working cycle time remaining

Coming soon

Coming soon

Diameter (HSS)(50) 150 – 560 (710) mm
Thickness6 mm
Teeth number10 - 998
Diameter150 mm
Bore size32 mm
Coolant motor pump50 litres/min - 7,5 bar
Working speed2 - 60 teeth/min
Grinding wheel motor power2,2 kW
Installed power5 kVA
Weight963 kg

Sharpening and making new teeth of friction circular saw blades

Sharpening and making new teeth of HSS circular saw blade with variable tooth pitch, with free programming of pitch variation

Sharpening and making new teeth of matched circular saw blades on a same diameter 

Sharpening and making new teeth of solid carbide circular saw blades

Cylindrical grinding for grinding down all teeth on circular saw blades with broken teeth, with programmable and fully automatic working cycle

Grinding of radial slots and scallops on circular knives and circular blades

Tooth geometry modification with storage of the customized tooth forms

Sharpening and making new teeth with special tooth form

Machine version for grinding HSS circular saw blades from 150 to 650 mm diameter, and friction circular saw blades form 150 to 710mm diameter

Clamping fixture for circular saw blades form 50 to 150 mm diameter

Various type of high pressure coolant facilities and filtering systems

Various tupe of mist extraction units

Ammeter for indicattion of the load current of the grinding wheel motor

Control lamp for indication “End Automatic Cycle”



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