The various teeth shape and their application area

Every tooth shape has advantages, disadvanteges and various application.
By combining various forms of teeth (toothing group) and/ or engravers the blades can be adapted to the required operating conditions.
The manufacturers of blades offer a multitude of combinations of tooth shapes, also varying the geometries and parameters, new challenges that MVM-BUSINARO best face with the realization of new sharpening machines.

BW tooth shape

It is the standard shape for cutting pipes

Is to be used for blades with thin thickness [ <1,3mm ] as an alternative of BW.

Tooth shape BR

Is the best tooth shape to cut pipe on automatic machines.

Is the tooth shape used in case of small tooth pitch [ T < 3mm] or to cut brass alloy, jewellery and screw slotting.

AW tooth shape

Add to A the bevel that allow to optimize the chip shredding.

C tooth shape

Is used in the solid cutting or to cut thick [ > 3mm ] pipes.

Tooth shape VP

It is a variable pitch used for cutting very irregular sections that cause strong vibrations and cutting noise.