MVM can provide a punctual and precise overhaul or retrofitting service to extend the life and functionality of old grinding machines or to restore their performance.

A department completely dedicated to the overhaul of machines has been set up to give grinding machines a new lease of life through a team of specialised technicians.

MVM offers this service to reduce machine downtime, adapt machines to current regulations, and constantly improve process technology.

These are the strong points, guaranteeing reliability and efficiency over time.


During overhaul MVM will replace damaged parts or electrical/mechanical parts deemed critical.

MVM can offer this service in-house or at the customer.


During this service MVM will replace old electronics with current electronics, such as Siemens, Yaskawa, Schneider. In addition to an upgrade of the electronics it will also upgrade the mechanical components.

This service will make an old grinding machine comparable to the new.